About Us

We are a family run breeding farm just outside Calgary, AB. We breed Paints, Quarters Horses, Thoroughbreds and

purebred Arabians.


My personal favorite and focus are the Arabians. Although I love the 3 other breeds. We breed all 4 breeds for brains, personality, conformation and athleticism. Our horses are extremely willing and have been around people since birth. They learn fast, are easy to train, and were bred to be able to do anything.  


Breeding quality Pure Polish and Polish Related Arabians. Combining top race & show lines that excel in the show ring, the breeding shed and as a all around family horse. Producing horses with great minds, correct conformation and beautiful movements. Proven bloodlines include Pro-Fire, Ariston, Empres PASB, Monogramm, Probat, Ecaho, Fawor, Europejczyk, Falat, El Paso, Kirkor, Ellorus, Piechur, Orzel, Promotion, Strike, AAF Kaset, Medalion, Bajdak, Comet, Aladdinn, Bask, A Temptation, Zodiac Matador, Cytosk, Allionce, Khemosabi, Magic Dream CAHR, Enzo and Gazal Al Shaqab.


Our Paint and Quarter horse bloodlines include many performance horses. We have reining bred horses, working cow, cutting horses and running bred horses. With these combination of bloodlines we are producing very versatile horses with lots of cow sense, speed and athleticism. Our bloodlines include, Givemalickin, Dash For Cash, Mac Meyers, Bugs Alive In 75, Deckabo, Rebel Cause, Class Time, Taxan Bar Time, SpotsDotsAndMore, Especialy Smart Peppy, Peppy San Badger, High Brow Hickory, Mr San Peppy, Doc Olena, Smart Little Lena, Doc O Lena, Freckles Playboy, Colonel Freckles, Sir Quincy Dan, Gallant Ghost, Painted Eternal, Leo Maudie and Robin Reed, Doc Bar, Skipper W, Special Effort, Rocket Bar, and many more well bred reiners, cow horses and running horses!


We believe in keeping our horses in a natural setting as much as possible. Most horses live in pastures categorized  by age or feeding needs. Horses live in a herd environment which we believe is best for them both mentally and pyshically. We allow our horses to grow up on fields to allow for proper development of muscles and good stong legs. They are not couped in a box stall or in a paddock. They are grazy like the would in the wild and growing as they are ment too. Our horses all come running when they are called and are very friendly and happy to see everyone.


Paint Mare, Arabian Stallion, Quarter Horse Mare, Thoroughbred Mare


Mountain Valley Paints and Arabians is also home to Sevenoaks Farms and Sevenoaks Kennels.

Sevenoaks Farms is family owned and operated. We operate a friendly, welcoming facility, where both beginners and established riders can learn and enjoy their horses. Click here for Sevenoaks Farms and Equine Centre.



Sevenoaks Kennels prides on producing Best In Show quality English Setters and Gordon Setters. Click here to see Sevenoaks Kennels.

Aero - English Setter - Ring Shot
Sabrin and Page - Gordon Setter
Ice - Gordon Setter - US win
Mojo - English Setter




Mountain Valley and Sevenoaks are both family owned and operated. We take great care of our animals and try to make everything a warm and friendly environment. 


Candace Oakes- Owner and caretaker of Mountain Valley's horses. Also the builder of this website. I am there to help with every foal and to teach them manners as they grow. My day to day care ensures that the horses of Mountain Valley are sweet and well behaved. I teach our young horses their groundwork and start and train them under saddle. 

Les Oakes - is the loving and indulgent husband and father. He fixes fences and barns and helps Candace with the training and care taking of the horses. Les is father to Candace and Sabrina. He also breeds Gordon Setters.

Hilary Oakes - is the caring and fun wife and step mom! Hil is in charge of business and accounting. She works more with our dogs than with the horses but can spot a good one a mile away! Hilary is great with kids and will make a great riding instructor! Hil breeds English Setters.

Sabrina Oakes - is the cheerful athletic sister and daughter. Sabrina used to be the big rider in the family but got into showing dogs.  She has worked for a Professional Dog Handler but started working in a grooming shop and enjoyed that more. Sabrina has been accepted into SAIT and will be going back to school in the Fall of 09.

Karin Clarke - is the photogrpher! Also know as CVL-C. Karin is a very good friend who we are grateful to have here to help with the horses and take beautiful pictures of both horses and dogs! Most of the pictures on this site were taken by Karin!